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Should I Stay or Should I Go? Help Me Please!

I need a little advice from you.

My boyfriend and I have been living together for just over 2 years now. His parents just let him know that they will be coming to visit, from China, in early summer for 2 months. He came out to his parents just before we moved in together. I have assumed this whole time that they knew we were living together but it turns out they do not know. He has sort of suggested that I could move out for two months while they visit so that it is easier on his parents and well in turn easier on his own emotions. I feel like I am stuck in a really difficult situation. Part of me wants to say sure honey I will find somewhere to stay for a few month, but the other part is saying, No I am staying wet have built a life together and it is time you man up and tell your parents that we live together. I mean we have spent the last year renovating a home together we have adopted a cat and a dog together we have built a pretty kick ass life with each other.

If I were a person of the opposite sex that his parents did not like would I be asked to leave? No probably not there are a ton of couples whose partners parents do not like their son or daughters partners. Some how they all learn to at least tolerate each other.

I do understand though that their is a major difference between Chinese and Canadian culture when it comes to Same Sex relationships.

So I guess you have enough to go on from me. Do what do you think I should do. Should I leave for the two months or should I stay?


Jealousy Am I Over It?

Well something interesting happened to me this past weekend. Another man tried to kiss my boyfriend and it did not make me jealous. I think this is the first time that has happened to me.

My boyfriend and I were invited over to a mutual friends house this past weekend for a BBQ. It was a scorcher that evening so the gathering was taking place in the garage so we could stay out of the heat. I decided that I would stay sober for the evening and drive so that my boyfriend and I would not have to shell out to catch a cab home.  There was 7 of us at the party 2 straight couples, my boyfriend and I and a very cute guy whom I had previously never met.

Things were going great, well except for the fact that I was the only one that could not speak or understand Mandarin. Two of the people there were linguistics majors so there was a lot of talk about langue and being a single language English speaker I was kind of left out of the conversation, well at least until the liquor started flowing. Man did I ever want a drink seeing all of these people drunk around me, although my fun came out of watching all the drunk people around me ( I of coarse am never like that when I am drunk lol)

So anyway as the new guy got drunker and drunker he became more and more open about his sexuality. Apparently no one there until that night was even aware that he was gay. Funny how when you stick a closeted gay with some other gays they always seem to come out. Well I guess it is not funny just normal. So as New Guy drank more and more he would make off handed comments like “I am so horny, I would do anyone right now.” In my head all I am thinking is, good for you buddy, or maybe it was more like Man if I was single I would be all over that. So closer to when we are going to go New Guy keeps telling me how sexy my legs are, then out of no where he bends over and kisses my knee. Man drunk people really are hilarious.

My boyfriend is standing next to New Guy enjoying his beverage when out of know where he leans in to kiss my boyfriend smack dab on the lips, and like I would expect from my boyfriend he moves back just as fast as the kiss comes in. Normally someone even attempting to kiss my boyfriend would have my blood bubbling. I might look calm and rational on the out side but in side I am kicking the crap out of the guy. This time though when he leaned in to kiss my boyfriend I felt on the inside just as I looked on the outside, Calm. I think that I am finally just in a relationship where I can be comfortable and most of all trusting. I think my boyfriend is amazing and I truly believe that he would never do anything to hurt me like that.

It really feels good to have found something so great in this life.

Renovations for better or for worse

Renovations such a wonderful thing but also very very VERY stressful at times. Back in May my boyfriend and I started renovating our first home together. It started off so exciting the search for the house all the ideas, the plans, our dreams. Now though after almost 3 months of living in a dust storm it is starting to get to us a bit. Small little things can turn in to great big arguments. You know the kind of arguments where half an hour later you look back and just think, “I have no clue what we were even arguing about.”

We are slowly adjusting though to our new way of life. We decided that in stead of always saying “I can’t wait for the renovation to be done” instead we would just enjoy the process. It’s funny how just a small change in thought patters and really turn things around. One of my favorite sayings is

fake it till you make it

and it is so true. For example if you are sad just pretend to be happy and before you know it you actually will be.

Well that’s my blog for the day check out this before and after picture of our original 102 year old hardwood floors from being covered to now being refinished by hand.