30 Day Challenges

So I was listening to this awesome Ted Talk the other day and I wish I could tell you what it was called or who delivered the talk but like usual I forget. Man my memory is horrible. So, yes, the Ted Talk it was about this guy, or was it a girl? anyway the point is that the talk was about trying something new every 30 days for 30 Days. So because the months fluctuate in days I will just do it monthly and of coarse every day for that month.

So there is so many things that a person could try out or learn to do in a 30 day period. I think what turned me on to the idea of doing this was not so much the learning new skills but the Ted Talker had said that time seemed to slow down. Man if we can get time to slow just a little I am all over that. Of coarse learning a new skill or whatever also is very appealing to me. There are so many thing that would be awesome to learn, maybe a new language or a new skill like knitting or painting. maybe a new life style like being a vegetarian or bodybuilding.

Speaking of Bodybuilding that is what I am going to try well not extreme bodybuilding or anything but I will, starting May 1st, go to the gym everyday for the month of May. Now of coarse if I am going to do this I want to see some improvement I would like to see just how much I can change my body in 1 month so tomorrow I will post some pictures from my first day and continue to update you with pictures and blogs through out my journey. I am actually really excited about this.


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