Should I Stay or Should I Go? Help Me Please!

I need a little advice from you.

My boyfriend and I have been living together for just over 2 years now. His parents just let him know that they will be coming to visit, from China, in early summer for 2 months. He came out to his parents just before we moved in together. I have assumed this whole time that they knew we were living together but it turns out they do not know. He has sort of suggested that I could move out for two months while they visit so that it is easier on his parents and well in turn easier on his own emotions. I feel like I am stuck in a really difficult situation. Part of me wants to say sure honey I will find somewhere to stay for a few month, but the other part is saying, No I am staying wet have built a life together and it is time you man up and tell your parents that we live together. I mean we have spent the last year renovating a home together we have adopted a cat and a dog together we have built a pretty kick ass life with each other.

If I were a person of the opposite sex that his parents did not like would I be asked to leave? No probably not there are a ton of couples whose partners parents do not like their son or daughters partners. Some how they all learn to at least tolerate each other.

I do understand though that their is a major difference between Chinese and Canadian culture when it comes to Same Sex relationships.

So I guess you have enough to go on from me. Do what do you think I should do. Should I leave for the two months or should I stay?


2 thoughts on “Should I Stay or Should I Go? Help Me Please!”

  1. Depends if you prefer to sacrifice your relationship for your principles. If you stay and things get ugly it could get a lot uglier than if you were just a person of the opposite sex they didn’t like. But then maybe not, I don’t know how they feel about this. The key is communication. If you decide to go you have to do so willingly and without holding a grudge about him forcing you out for two months. As with anything it’s all about communication. Make sure he knows how you feel and try to reach a compromise. Tell him exactly how it will make you feel if you have to leave. Maybe you could stay but sleep in a different room as a show of good faith or something. Just remember: communication! Hope it works out for you. Good luck 🙂

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  2. I think you need to stand your ground. But at the end of the day its his family and you don’t want to fight about something like that. But two months would be hard so maybe meet halfway and say you’ll be somewhere else for a month?

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