Renovations for better or for worse

Renovations such a wonderful thing but also very very VERY stressful at times. Back in May my boyfriend and I started renovating our first home together. It started off so exciting the search for the house all the ideas, the plans, our dreams. Now though after almost 3 months of living in a dust storm it is starting to get to us a bit. Small little things can turn in to great big arguments. You know the kind of arguments where half an hour later you look back and just think, “I have no clue what we were even arguing about.”

We are slowly adjusting though to our new way of life. We decided that in stead of always saying “I can’t wait for the renovation to be done” instead we would just enjoy the process. It’s funny how just a small change in thought patters and really turn things around. One of my favorite sayings is

fake it till you make it

and it is so true. For example if you are sad just pretend to be happy and before you know it you actually will be.

Well that’s my blog for the day check out this before and after picture of our original 102 year old hardwood floors from being covered to now being refinished by hand.



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