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Car Problems before Trip

Well guess what we are headed out on a road trip and guess what happens the day before we are going to leave? That’s right the car went haywire.

Last Saturday we took the car in for a oil change and check up so it would be good for the trip. Of coarse like usual when you bring the car in to the shop there is always more on the list of things to do than you brought it in for. So we forked out the $700 for the Oil Change, Tire Switch over, new AC Belt, and left side axle. Obviously we wanted the car to be in good condition for the trip so as much as it hurt to fork out the cash we knew that it was for a good cause.

Yesterday the Heat was unbearable here in Edmonton. Around 5pm it was almost 40C with the humidity. I was driving the car down Fort Road going past Century Casino when all of a sudden my temperature light turned on, then I could see the temperature gauge climbing rather fast till it reached the top. When it reached the top I was luckily able to pull over to the Canadian Tire and have them look at it. So another $500 later and a new thermostat and a coolant flush I think the car might actually this time be ready for the trip (fingers Crossed)

Anyway Can’t wait to share pictures and stories from the trip with you.


Blog a Day Starts This Friday.

The Mist of The Mountains
The Mist of The Mountains

Well I figure it is time to start my blog a day challenge and what better way than to chronicle my trip to Salt Spring Island British Columbia. So starting this Friday you are going to get a blog a day from me and by you I mean the 10 or so people that actually read this lol. 

So originally we were supposed to be going to the Osheaga music festival in Montreal. I was really excited about going to the festival, it would have been my first trip to eastern Canada. Unfortunately my Grandma has become sick so we sold our tickets and decided to take a road trip out to the west coast to see her instead, of coarse family always comes first. 

I am actually kind of happy that we will be going to the West Coast anyway, especially Salt Spring Island, I always feel so relaxed there. I opened my business 2 years ago now and it has been go go go ever since and it will be nice to go on a trip where I actually get to relax. I have been to Vegas a few times for trade shows but I never feel relaxed after those trips mostly because well, Its VEGAS.

So starting this Friday night I will start chronicling my trip and all of the experiences I have on it.