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Sometimes I get this over whelming sense that I am alone. I guess Alone is not the right world. I have my mom who I get to hang with every and of coarse my amazing boyfriend that I get to see everyday and consider myself very lucky for being able to do that. I guess maybe it is a little bit of that social media envy thing. I see people I know going out with groups of friends for dinner, parties, group vacations, road trips and those types of things and it makes me feel very envious of what they have. I wish I could just go to my friends and say, ” hey guys want to go to Mexico?” Instead it just seems like we are all living our own separate lives and we keep in touch with each other just enough to not feel so god dam alone all the time.

How do they find the time to do it, to stay in touch with each other? Maybe they don’t have any more time than me maybe my priorities are just not in the right place.

I am not really sure where I am going with this blog now, but I am sure it is not the last time that I write about this topic.